Saturday, June 26, 2010

One thing at a time

I have a habit of making long to-do lists, and then getting to tired or bored to ever finish my lists.

So this week I'm shortening the list. This week I will take care of all my clothes.
yes, a whole week to deal with clothes!
I washed a small load of laundry and put 3 shirts out on the free table today. By the end of the week, I want all the clothing thats scattered around to be washed, taken care of neatly in dresser or put out onto the free table.

I started making a list of what clothes I had that I wanted to keep:
6 pair of shorts
7 pair of pants
3 hoodies
3 sweaters
4 dresses/skirts
about 20-30 shirts (this is the hard one)

Now I don't even know if 20-30 shirts will fit in my dresser; and I am only keeping clothes that fit in my dresser. That would be a different shirt for every day of the month.I'm sure I have plenty of shirts I hardly ever wear. The hoodies & sweaters I might just keep in my suitcase under the bed (otherwise they are so bulky that they could take up a whole drawer all by themselves)and well maybe my winter hat, scarves, and gloves can get packed away in the suitcase too. Figure if the suitcase is going to take up room anyways, I might as well use it for storage.

My closet doesn't have a door on it and my desk is inside my closet, so I don't need or want clothes hanging in there.

Luckily most of my shorts, pants and hoodies are all dark colors so even if they all get dirty I can wash them all together when I do laundry. (which is very important).
I have a couple bright colored t-shirts that I always seem to leave out of the laundry waiting forever for other bright colors to wash with them.

The main thing is with all my clothes:
I'm tired of trying to figure out what fits, whats clean, or where I put something.
I will need more socks to wear for work though...alot of my socks have holes in them.
I wear a uniform to work provided by the company and mostly the same 2 pair of pants on my days off.

Guess at the end of the week, I should post a picture of my dresser (if I actually finish what I hope to finish with all my clothes)