Monday, August 2, 2010

Court bill

Yesterday while looking in a box, I found 1 of the old Kingman court bills that was finally sent to me in April. I don't have any idea on why they divided the bill in 2.
Anyways I paid $450 towards the bill. I had thought of saving up until I had the total amount and then pay it off with one-lump payment. But figured it was better to just get the money out of my reach so I don't waste it on silly nonsense stuff.

It wasn't on the budget I made up yesterday, because I wasn't even thinking of the money I already had in the bank. But actually the money in my savings account was supposed to be saved for this court bill anyways. So I did the "grown-up" thing and started paying it yesterday. Weird how doing the "grown-up" thing of paying bills can actually make me feel good. But I bet when the court opened up today, that someone must of had a heart-attack when they saw my payment. My court bill is about 7 years old.

Well today is a new day and looks like it might rain again. Good day to stay home and clean out more boxes. Maybe I'll find all the paperwork I need for the state of NH court.