Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last paycheck in 2010

Well today was the last payday for the year.

worked:43.26 hours...$136.20
year-to-date: $12,496.49
minus housing:$614.12
taxable gross:$11,882.37

Money taken out for the state of NH was: $4,400.18
Total net pay for the year: $6,100.16

ok, now I will have to find my W-2's from past years but I'm pretty sure this is the smallest amount I have made here. But how many people can say they actually live on $6,100?

As usual with any new year coming up...I have made it a goal for 2011 to save $$$. I hope to get a job in Alaska for Late Spring-Early Fall. Which means I will need to save lots of money from now to April to move.