Friday, August 6, 2010

Money Making Scams

Working for yourself at home sounds like a dream for alot of people...myself included. In the past, I had found different ways to make money at home. I ordered supplies from a company to make earrings, that supposedly if sent back to the company and the company approved of them then they would pay for them...course the company always found a reason not to approve of the earrings. I should of just sold all the earrings in a yardsale.

I knew an old retired guy, who wanted to supplement his retirement fund by stuff envelopes. I think he did get a list of names & addresses that he was supposed to mail stuff to but after he got the initial list of names, he never heard from the company again.

Years ago, I even joined some sites that would pay a person to read emails. I figured, great because I am always reading emails. Course they were not going to pay you to read your own emails. You had to go to special sites and click on a bunch of ads and read the advertisments (also known as emails). You would get paid about 1cent for each email and wasn't going to get a check for any of it until you got to $100 (or something like that). I never did get paid for that.

Even today, you can pick up a "National Enquirer" trash-paper and find ads toward the back of the paper for business opportunities...processing mail, data entry work, mystery shopping, and even one claiming to pay up to $3,000 dollars a week. Well you know the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true, then it is" and that last one of making $3,000 a week sure sounds to good to be true.

This week, it would seem that I fell for another money-making scam online. I've been reading quite a bit about how to get paid from writing blogs online. Sure I can type a blog, and I can be opinionated on alot of different subjects. My problem seems to be getting other people to follow my blogs and/or clicking on the ads that are on the same page as my blogs.
I found a site "" and Rob stated that he would set up a FREE blog for me and help me along to get followers and make money with it. I should have known that it was a scam when he sent me to sign-up with another site, which I had to pay $24.95 for. Supposedly Rob said he would have my new blog up & running in 24-48 hours. It has now been over 84 hours. I've already written to Rob to complain and all I get from him are more sites to join with more stuff to buy for a few hundred dollars.

Guess I will keep my day job for awhile longer.

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  1. You write well and that could provide you with some pocket money - look into it won't make you rich but it can pay around $3 for a 300 word article if I recall correctly.

    If you have expertise in a particular area it may be worth producing an ebook - if you can blog you can produce an ebook. If you can sell one a day for $5 that would equal a couple of thou a year.

    Rule of thumb - if someone on the internet asks you for money upfront run a virtual mile!