Thursday, June 24, 2010

About Me

Well I've been reading quite a few other blogs about minimalist lifestyle and different sites about making money by writing blogs, so I figured I would get serious about blogging to give it a go.
Most bloggers who "supposedly" earn big bucks from blogging say that you need an
about me here goes.

One of my younger brothers used to call me the wandering gypsy because I traveled so much that he had a hard time of keeping track of where I was living. That is why the word, Gypsy is on this site.

During the 80's, I traveled cross-country twice a year: In June to go back home to NH to visit family for the Summer and then again in September to Utah so my ex-husband could go to school.
Then starting in 2003 or 2004, I started hopping on a greyhound bus alone to travel across the country for a few years. Believe me, you don't keep much stuff when you start packing up things to move around on a greyhound.

Since I came to the Grand Canyon to live & work in March 2007, I have started to collect alot of stuff. Now 3 years later, I am starting to give some of my stuff away. This Summer I will be drastically weeding things out of my dorm room. The company I work for has small dorm rooms with community bathrooms for employees.

I have not had a television for over 3 years, even though quite a few co-workers have offered to give me one for free. I have not had a car since April 2004 (which is why I traveled on Greyhound). So that means I don't have car payments, worry about getting a car repaired, gas bills, or have to buy insurance.
I don't have any phone but am thinking of getting some sort of cell phone soon. I'm still trying to figure out all the info on a few different companies.

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