Friday, June 25, 2010


Books and magazines seem to be 1 of the things I still am addicted to collecting. My subscribtion to "Popular Photography" magazine runs out this Summer and its my last magazine that I get in the mail. I don't plan on renewing it.

When I ride down to Flagstaff with Brenda, I will sometimes pick up a variety of Magazines at the store. Now I have a good size collection of different jewelrymaking magazines. I have not made much jewelry in about 7 months, so it really is silly to keep buying all the jewelrymaking magazines and beading supplies.

Lately I ordered some books from Amazon about "minimalist lifestyle" and "making money from blogging". The "Problogger" book has some really good info. Of course, collecting a bunch of books about minimalism/ minimalist lifestyle seems like an oxymoron. I'm still waiting to receive "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page & Blog".
I should just get back in the habit of going to the little library here again.

Then today a friend gave me a bag of paperback novels to read.
I noticed a few in there that don't interest me at all and I will just leave on the free table in my dorm. Actually I should leave them all there, but a few of the books look like they might be good reading material and besides reading these silly novels helps put me to sleep at night.

Every now and then, my brother will try to convince me that I need to write a book on all my traveling, or a book about living at the Grand Canyon. I wonder if he would be happy with blog-writing instead.

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