Sunday, July 25, 2010


My Process

Plan your project – make a list – evaluate present system, what is working, what isn’t working, – develop timeline

Remove items – start from a clean slate – empty the space completely – remove then sort & purge

Organize into piles – donate/toss/sell/keep/ – sort like with like – purge excess –

Containerize – find storage solutions/containers – establish limits – designate a space for items being kept

Evaluate plan – how is your system working for you – are you able to work your system? What needs to be modified? A good system should be easy to maintain

Solve/simplify anything that isn’t working for you – revise accordingly

Smile, relax and enjoy your hard work!

Sometimes this system might not work the first time I try to do something...but I must remember not to give up.
Course my oldest daughter would laugh if she could see all my lists now because she once told me that I make a list for EVERYTHING. She said I make lists more then anyone she has ever known and she is probably right.

This weekend, I have started with the space under my bed. Now the bed sits way up high...bottom of bedframe reaches my hips when I stand next to it. So there is lots of space underneath.
I totally took everything out from uder there yesterday, and then started with the 3 empty (15 QT)plastic tubs and 1 box. I also have another bigger plastic tub and will use that later.

The problem with storing stuff under the bed is that if I filled up that space with boxes then I would have trouble getting to boxes that would be pushed to the back corner without dragging out boxes sitting in front.
I'm putting books I want to keep for now into the box now. Whatever books don't fit in that 1 box will be going out to the free table downstairs. Hopefully someone else in this building will want to read them.

Well this process is going rather slowly, mainly because I'm still spending to much time online. But as long as I keep at it a little will be done when Summer is over.

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