Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I checked my bank account online early this morning to find out how much my paycheck was for today...$297.82
I worked 72.52 hours @ $7.73
Deductions total was $262.76...$162.88 was for NH.
$602.24 is my total in the bank right now. It would have been more, But I took $300 out a few weeks ago when I went to Jerome.

I had my review at work was really good. I'm getting a .14 raise, that will go back to 6-21-2010 and that will be on my next check. I thought this years review was better then last years...but my raise was bigger last year. Oh Well.
I probably won't even try to guess how much it will actually be. No need to count your chickens before they hatch.

I have another 3-day weekend coming up Sunday (8/1)--Tuesday (8/3). Time for more cleaning.

I've been checking for jobs this week on, getting ready for that plan "B" I guess.

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