Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Need a morning routine

There must be a reason that doctors tell new parents to put their babies on a schedule for everything.

As unprepared & flexible as I am with my everyday activities, I have noticed that I am better prepared for my day when I force myself to get off the computer to follow some sort of routine.

My alarm clock has not even been plugged in for over 2 years. I go to bed early enough so that I wake up on my own before work, but I never wake up at the same time every day. Usually it doesn't matter if I wake up 4 hours earlier then when I have to catch the bus or 30 minutes before. Either way, I will spend time online checking emails and facebook.

Today I got up before 1am and never got around to making coffee until 1:50am because I was to busy on the laptop. I haven't looked for my uniform for work yet, I have not jumped in the shower or brushed my hair. Lately my addiction to the internet has taken over my life again...over an hour later, and I am still online and drinking coffee.

I need to set some sort of routine every morning that will include a little excerise, cleaning up in my room, breakfast and maybe laundry (if I don't do laundry the night before). This morning I woke up in plenty of time for all those activities but have done none of them because I spent my morning online.
Would be less of a hassle if I remembered to do laundry in the evenings, and had everything I need for work set out, before I go to bed.

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