Tuesday, July 20, 2010

boxes, boxes, and more boxes

I have more boxes of stuff in my dorm room, then probably anyone else in this community. Way more boxes then I can even deal with.

Every january, the housing office comes around to spray for bugs and whatnot. Everyone had to drag stuff out from under the beds for the spraying. Well that
was 6 months ago, and boxes have never gotten back under my bed. In fact over
1/2 my room got taken over by all my boxes of stuff.

Well this week, I'm starting to declutter the boxes and weed them out. Actually this morning I'm going through stuff that isn't even in a box but got thrown (or pushed/kicked)under the bed.
Course it's hard to make piles of laundry, books, piles of what to keep, what to throw away because I literally have no space in my room to make piles of stuff.

I have read books and/or blogs that say you should start with 1 box at a time. Well the first box I picked up this morning had cords for phone & computer, a box of instant pudding mix, a bag of rice, jewelrymaking supplies, hairclips, Irish Spring soap, last years bank statements, last years paycheck stubs, loose change, magazines, paperwork from NH court, bills, reciepts, holiday decoration, glitter, keychain with keys I no longer use, batteries that might or might not work, variety of business cards & brochures to places I want to go to someday, few pictures, old watch that no longer works, my birth certificate, and the small box from Qwest when they sent my modem.

I have a hard time figuring out what I can actually throw away or what I want to throw away. Course if I put everything I wanted to keep in a "keep pile" I would put most of the box in a keep pile...which would really get me nowhere. It would be almost like putting the box of mis-matched stuff back where I got it. And probably ever box in my room is full of mismatched stuff just like this one.

Obviously whoever writes books/blogs about decluttering and organizing has never been in my room.
It will take me the rest of the Summer to go through all the boxes in my room...hopefully I don't just give up on this project before I am done. It's a good thing I have a 3-day weekend coming up to. Guess I know what I will be doing .

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