Sunday, August 1, 2010

I need a budget

Now alot of people will say that you need a budget. I have even heard Brenda make comments as she is ordering craft supplies that something isn't in her budget (I don't really think she makes a budget). She is probably like me and will just shop as long as money is in the bank account.

So I thought I would give it a try for this month. Now to figure out what I actually spend money on.
Eating out:$80
Birthday gifts:$30
Post office:$25
Bathroom stuff:$15

See my rent & utilities are automatically taken out of my paycheck before I even get paid so I don't have to budget for those, and the rent amount is always different depending on how many hours I work.
I don't own a car so I'm not budgeting for gas or insurance. I don't have a phone or cable TV so there really isn't much for me to budget for this month.
Almost forgot to add in Qwest for my wi-fi service. I haven't gotten a bill from them yet...guess I should go to their site later and find out why.
I almost wasn't going to put bathroom stuff on this list as I'm pretty sure that I already have enough shampoo, but decided to add $15 as a "just in case I need it".

This budget only comes up to $ I guess the rest of my money should just go into savings...yeah right, lets see if that really happens.

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